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    Jan 26, 2022

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Key Highlights

  • Galxe is a leading Web3 community platform with over 30 million users and partnerships with popular projects, offering reward-based loyalty programs.
  • The platform provides developers with tools and modules like OAT, NFT Loyalty Programs, and Customized Governance to utilize digital credentials data to build better products and communities.
  • Galxe ID serves as a universal Web3 username and digital identity, enabling users to validate their verifiable credentials (VCs) and achievements, integrate with other apps, and access personalized features through verification.
  • Galxe Passport securely stores user ID info and facilitates compliance and verification through Galxe Passport Token and Galxe On-chain Achievement Token.
  • The platform’s Credential Data Network supports both on-chain and off-chain credentials, rewarding curators when their credentials are utilized on various modules.