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Gala Games: Discover the decentralized city of Townstar


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Key Highlights

  • Gala Games is a platform that hosts several blockchain games. Games, including Mirandus: Tavern Games, Town Star, Last Expedition, and many more, are developed and powered by Gala Games.
  • They have a wide range of real-time strategy (RTS) games, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, and role-playing game (RPG) titles. Each game has its own gameplay mechanics and functionality.
  • The Network within every Gala Game follows a player-owned Node Ecosystem. It means all the games are supported by the users allowed to operate Gala Nodes.
  • The native token of all the Gala Games is the GALA token used to secure the platform. By playing Gala games that run on the Ethereum blockchain, you can earn rewards in the form of Gala cryptocurrency and NFTs.