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Radio CACA: Blockchain Gamification with 3D Metaverses


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    Mar 6, 2023

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Key Highlights

  • Radio Caca is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) operated by individuals worldwide who share a single vision of creating a virtual world. Radio Caca offers an NFT platform, Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, and a Metaverse in its ecosystem.
  • Radio Caca has launched two major products in its ecosystem, namely Metamon and the United States of Mars (USM). Metamon is a single-player mini-game that utilizes the P2E model. You need to have at least a Metamon NFT to play the game. In the Metamon mini-game, you can explore the “Metamon world” and collect super adorable Metamons. You earn rewards in $RACA, Radio Caca’s native token.
  • In the USM, you can own land, create shops, build art galleries, and play games in high-display 3D virtual reality. USM features a Google Earth-like user experience. There are three explorable territories in the USM, namely Kiss-up State Land, Bake State Land, and Doge State Land. The planet has a red-like surface, similar to Mars.