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BreederDAO: High Volume Production of Custom Gaming NFT with Tailored Specs for Web3 Made Easy


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    Jan 26, 2022

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Key Highlights

  • NFT assets are a fundamental prerequisite for every blockchain-based game, regardless of whether it is play-and-earn (P&E) or play-to-earn (P2E), and Breeder DAO is well-positioned to improve the supply of in-game assets to meet the growing demand of play-to-earn game economies through highly tuned, programmatic asset-generation systems.
  • Being an “asset production factory for quality gaming assets of the Metaverse, Breeder DAO has two core areas of expertise, one of which is breeding that involves crossing two in-game assets to create a third asset with qualities from the two parents. The other is crafting, which is concerned with creating new assets by fusing skills, resources, or other assets.
  • A feature that makes Breeder DAO stand out from its competitors is its in-built game library, where it maintains an updated collection of the current and upcoming games in the field. For each particular game, this library assists in determining the ideal time to engage in breeding and crafting.
  • The dev team will make sure that the dashboard provides a live assessment of every accessible breeding method, while a dedicated team of game researchers will regularly update the Breeder DAO library.